NATURAL PINE AURORA - in stores from september 2024 - now on display in our showroom


The Natural Pine Aurora prelit trees are made of very high-quality materials with ditto requirements. We therefore guarantee you that the trees from the Natural Pine Aurora collection will give you years of ease of use and atmosphere. However, despite our strict quality controls, it can always happen that a part unexpectedly breaks down, which is why we offer you these extended warranty conditions;

1. Registration and Warranty Claim
The warranty on your Natural Pine Aurora prelit tree is considered
when the registration form on our dedicated Natural Pine webpage on the Hogewoning website . Hogewoning is completed fully and correctly within one month from the date of purchase.

2. Warranty period
After a fully completed and successful registration of the warranty application, you have a total warranty on the artificial Natural Pine Aurora prelit tree for up to 10
years from the date of purchase and also a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty on the operation of the LED lights in your Natural Pine Aurora prelit tree. The 10-year warranty thus covers the Natural Pine Aurora prelit tree itself including the stand. The lighting in the Natural Pine Aurora prelit tree is thus guaranteed for 2 years from the date of purchase. All guarantees take effect after correctly completing the registration form on the website. During this guarantee period, Natural Pine will replace the defective parts of the product. If replace-ment of the defective parts is not or no longer possible, Natural Pine will replace the defective product for a comparable product. You will not be charged for the part or tree to be replaced during the war- ranty period. However, the buyer must always bear the cost of transporting the replacement part or tree himself.

3. Conditions for Warranty Claims
The rights to warranty, as described above, only apply if you yourself are a consumer, i.e. a natural legal person and not acting as a business. The guarantee is personal and never transferable.

4. Defect assessment
Despite the strict quality controls, it may happen that a part has become defective. Natural Pine reserves the right to assess whether a defect can be repaired by replacing parts or by replacing it with an equivalent product.

5. Simple Steps for Non-Functional Lights
Simple Steps for Non-Functional Lights If unexpectedly the lights do not work, we always recommend first performing some simple checks to get the lights back on:
• Is the plug firmly seated in a functioning socket?
• Are the plugs of all lighting cords properly connected in the supplied adapter?
• Turn the plug of the lighting cords so that the poles plug into the adapter the other way round.
• Your tree usually consists of several parts. It is important to always check that the
connection plugs between the various cords are properly connected.

7. Warranty claims
The warranty conditions for Natural Pine Aurora apply throughout Europe.
The guarantee only applies when the Natural Pine Aurora prelit tree is used in normal household use during the regular Christmas period and the corresponding maintenance recommendations have been observed.
In case of damage, improper and/or inexpert use, the guarantee is excluded. Normal wear and tear (e.g. minor needle or snow fall or discoloration due to atmospheric conditions) is excluded from the warranty.
Replacement of parts of your tree will not extend the warranty period.
The Natural Pine Aurora prelit tree is suitable for indoor use only.

You should always inform Natural Pine in writing about the nature of the defect.
This can be done by means of the form on the website
This website also contains additional information on the warranty procedure.
The warranty claim will expire if a clear copy of the original proof of purchase cannot be
provided when reporting your defect.

The guarantee of Natural Pine Aurora prelit tree covers only what is included in these
guarantee conditions. Insofar as there are complaints other than those described in these warranty conditions, you should contact your Natural Pine Aurora prelit tree supplier for these.


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