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Create stunning miniature Christmas villages with the quaint and cosy houses and accessories by Santaville!

The Santaville collection is geared towards collectors on a smaller budget and is known for its excellent quality and competitive prices.

Santaville logo

Very well priced

Complete miniature collection

Sustainable battery saving

Merry Christmas with Santaville:

Custom-made for the mass market

Specially designed and produced for the volume market at competitive prices.
Custom made, white label or an inspiration website....
At Santaville, anything is possible!

Sustainability & logistics

Made under fair conditions and packaged in a sustainable way.
We deliver quickly and carefully thanks to our reliable distribution network.

Best value for money

Bring your Christmas town to life with villagers, snow-capped trees, festively coloured LED lights, and playful moving objects.

We focus on customers that buy in bulk: retailers that sell large volumes in Europe and beyond. Our Santaville collection is ideal for chain stores, DIY centres, and department stores.

Santaville has a minimum order quantity (MOQ) per item to ensure the highest quality and the best price.

We can white label the Santaville products with your own logo and company name.
Our larger customers can easily put their own private label with unique packaging on the market.
Our design team is happy to think along with you.

It is also possible to have products designed and produced entirely according to your wishes.
A different color or size?
No problem at all. Your account manager would be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

Sustainability & logistics

All Santaville products comply with international laws and regulations, general product safety guidelines, and REACH.

The items are produced under fair working conditions. Thanks to our efficient work method and large-volume procurement process, we can offer high-quality products at competitive prices.

For our packaging, we choose sustainable solutions whenever possible. In Santaville itself, only LED lights shine, making the batteries last extra long.

The mass market hinges on good logistics. Hogewoning has optimized this entire process and exclusively works with reliable partners so that we can deliver what we promised.

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