Our house brand Home Accents consists of trendy and attractively priced home accessories and seasonal products that appeal to a wide audience. Home Accents is available to select retail chains.

The advantages of Home Accents:

Premium brand

Hogewoning is committed to sustainability and quality in its production and distribution process, without it being reflected in the price.

Inspiration and support

Attractive packaging, social media campaigns, and consumer website: Hogewoning inspires and supports its clients, brands, and products.


Price/quality ratio

Home Accents boasts a versatile collection of home accessories with an excellent price/quality ratio with no negative impact on people or the planet. We use our years of experience to source the perfect products for the Home Accents line.

While Home Accents naturally complies with all of the rules and regulations that our customers can expect from a premium retail brand, Hogewoning goes a step further than most importers and wholesalers.

People & planet

Our roots lie in the beautiful flower fields, just a stone’s throw from the forests and dunes. Given that our products are inspired by nature, we think it’s only logical to take care of people, animals, and the planet.

Hogewoning is committed to this on a daily basis. We no longer use staples or plastic in any of our packaging. This makes it much easier to recycle our cardboard and paper. We create a pleasant work environment for our colleagues and ensure that our producers also offer fair working conditions. 


In addition to a competitive price, Home Accents sets itself apart with its outstanding service and customer experience. We are always looking for new trends and products that appeal to a large target group. We would be happy to tell you more about our store concepts and our competitive pricing.

Our designs create attractive retail-proof packaging and shop displays that elevate the products even further. This helps to make the Home Accents products even more irresistible to consumers!

Consumer website

Our service doesn’t stop after the orders have been placed and the products have been delivered. We promote Home Accents across various social media channels and we designed a special
consumer website.

Consumers can scan the QR code on the packaging to open a page with the relevant product details. This page has manuals, assembly videos and styling tips, among other things. The website also has a dedicated FAQ section.

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