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Our Hobby Flora volume brand features an extensive collection of hobby and craft products. Our designs are always market-oriented and our consumer packaging is irresistible.

The Hobby Flora success formula:
Hobby Flora Logo

Value for money

We have a minimum order quantity (MOQ) per product to guarantee the best price.


We have a sophisticated social media strategy in place to support our products.


FSC/PEFC-certified wood and paper and less plastic in our transport packaging.


Worry-free distribution has contributed to the success of Hobby Flora among retailers.

Best value for money

Hobby Flora is geared towards customers that buy in bulk: retailers that sell large volumes in Europe and beyond. The collection is widely available under Hobby Flora’s own label, in retail chains and larger chains.

To make life simpler for its customers, Hobby Flora prefers to use target prices. Naturally, this is subject to a minimum order quantity (MOQ) per item so that we can guarantee the best quality and price.

Information and inspiration

The creative design team behind Hobby Flora develops innovative designs inspired by nature. We are happy to share our knowledge with companies and consumers, and offer a sophisticated social media strategy to support our products.

Hobby Flora has its own website with information for retailers, such as our USPs, an overview of the collection and designers.

We also provide consumers with inspiration and ideas on what they can do with the Hobby Flora products. If desired, we can also add a QR code to the packaging. Those who scan these will be taken to our


with inspiration videos and photos of what people have made themselves with Hobby Flora.


Nature is an important source of inspiration for Hogewoning. We therefore ensure that all Hobby Flora products comply with international laws and regulation, general product safety rules, and REACH.

Products can be labelled with a CE marking if required. As an FSC/PEFC-certified company, Hobby Flora can supply all wood and paper products from its collection with the FSC/PEFC logo.


Our optimized distribution network has contributed to the success of Hobby Flora among retailers. We work exclusively with reliable partners in order to fulfil our agreements. Should more efficient solutions appear on the market, we are the first to adopt these.

Our products are transported with great care, with a keen eye for sustainability. We are in the process of banning plastic throughout the entire transport chain, choosing instead to use recycled paper and/or FSC-certified cardboard and paper. We also stopped using staples to make it easier to recycle the cardboard and paper after transport.

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