About Hogewoning

Wholesaler of home accessories. Importer of home decorations. Supplier for the mass market. A family company.

Hogewoning has been a home decoration and hobby items wholesaler for almost a century. We design, produce, and supply home accessories for volume trade and medium-sized retailers as efficiently, carefully, and sustainably as possible.

Thanks to our long tradition in dried flowers, dried materials, and products for florists, we have unrivalled knowledge of materials, origins, and the sector as a whole. We have a different range of products for each customer group, from exclusive lifestyle home accessories to home decorations for volume trade.

Hogewoning in a nutshell:

We are experts in customization and distribution for the mass market and retailers.

We do not keep products in stock; instead, we respond to trends through continuous product innovation.

Hogewoning is known for its quality, reliability, and durability.

Our team is on hand to provide you with expert advice. ‘Can’t’ isn’t in our vocabulary.

Custom-made for the mass market

Here at Hogewoning, we set ourselves apart not only through the quality of our products, but also through the service and options we offer our customers. Our home accessories and decorative items can also carry a customized label if purchased in sufficient quantities. Department stores, retail chains, and DIY stores can therefore easily market their own brand with unique packaging.

But we take things a step further. We have almost a hundred years of experience and many connections all over the world. We know exactly where to find the best products at a competitive and fair price. Looking for something in particular? We’ll take care of it for you. We can design, produce, and supply items to meet your exact specifications. And we deliver them on time. Our customers can count on our reliability; it’s our added value.

Worry-free distribution

We also understand that the logistics have to be just right: careful, efficient, and – above all – on time. We have worked hard to optimize our entire distribution network and we collaborate with reliable partners so that we can deliver what we promised.

How we work

We continuously adapt our range of home accessories and decorative items to reflect the latest trends and specific wishes of our customers. This means that we do not keep products in stock. Instead, we work hard to continuously develop our products and to keep updating our collection. And because we are able to design, produce, and deliver new products quickly, our home accessories continue to attract customers’ attention and keep them interested.

Our people

Hogewoning employs a close-knit team of hard-working professionals who have both feet firmly on the ground. There are short lines of communication between the departments. Our shared passion is to create beautiful products with the distinctive ‘Hogewoning touch’.

Our stylists and brand managers put together a surprising collection twice a year. In doing so, they are able to draw on an extensive network of talented creative professionals who design home accessories exclusively for Hogewoning.

Our sales managers act as sparring partners for our customers. They proactively contribute ideas and solutions and give expert advice on the composition of your collection, the possibilities for customization, and opportunities to strengthen your brand.

“You can tell it’s originally a family business. Nobody feels better or above anyone else, and we really help each other when needed. Initiatives and good ideas are valued. You also get plenty of space and freedom.”

- Nicole van Steijn, Hobby Flora brand manager

Colleagues in China and India

Hogewoning has two purchasing offices in China and a support centre in India. Some of our Chinese colleagues have been working at Hogewoning for 20 years. They supervise production and ensure items are delivered on time.

The COVID-19 pandemic has once again highlighted the importance of smooth collaboration with our colleagues at our purchasing offices in Asia. Our overseas colleagues follow the latest trends closely and ensure that Hogewoning is always able to put together an innovative collection of home accessories and decorations. Even when international travel restrictions are in place. Large retailers in particular benefit from this, and in recent months they have embraced Hogewoning as a partner and supplier more than ever before.

Sustainable wholesaler

Here at Hogewoning, sustainability is about more than just the climate. We consider the well-being and health of the people who make our products to be at least as important.

Many of our products are made in China and India. We work closely with our colleagues and suppliers in those countries. The colleagues at our purchasing offices monitor our standards and values. They make sure that all items are of a consistently high quality and are made in a sustainable, fair way.

Our customers and brands

We made a conscious decision to cater to many market segments. On the purchasing side, this gives us a complete overview of all the products on offer – from exclusive products to competitively priced products for the mass market. But regardless of the segment, all our products are of a high quality. Customers recognize the ‘Hogewoning touch’ that makes our products unique. After all, there’s a reason why Hogewoning is the market leader in both design and distribution.

We have a different range of products for each customer group. Our lifestyle collection House of Nature, for example, is very popular among medium-sized retailers and consumers alike. Our brand HGW Interior Decorations was specially developed for the mass market. Creative people are extremely positive about Hobby Flora’s extensive range of hobby and craft products. And florists and garden centres have relied on the quality of Hogewoning Seasonal for many years – our brand with spring and Christmas decorations and natural accessories for creating the most beautiful flower arrangements.

Hogewoning House of Nature SS22

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