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We look forward to welcoming you to our House of Brands in Rijnsburg!

Twice a year, we go all out to present you with the latest products by House of Nature (our home accessories/lifestyle brand) and Hogewoning Seasonal(seasonal decorations).

We also constantly update our two volume brands: HGW Interior Decorations (home accessories) and Hobby Flora(hobby & craft materials).
All of our brands are uniquely represented in our showroom:

Now on display in our showroom

House of Nature features contemporary designs inspired by nature.

The items in the House of Nature range help you express your personality and style. Inspiring basics and luxury eye-catchers complement each other in our different styles. Each one as beautiful as the next, the items incorporate mostly natural materials and add warmth and ambience to your home.

Celebrate the seasons in style with the products by Hogewoning Seasonal. Our extensive collection consists of stylish seasonal accessories, with an emphasis on Christmas and spring items.

The wide range of stylish and well-priced wreaths is the showpiece of our Seasonal Brand.

HGW Interior Decorations is defined by sustainability, originality, beauty, and care.

Contemporary home accessories for very season, produced fairly and responsibly. These products are specially designed and produced for the mass market. White label products, custom-made designs, retail-proof packaging: with HGW the possibilities are endless!

Create your own low-maintenance urban jungle with the lifelike plants, branches, and flowers in the HGW Plants Volume line.

Perfect for dark corners, home offices, and hard-to-water places. This is the perfect solution for with green ambitions without a green thumb.

Create stunning miniature Christmas villages with the quaint and cosy houses and accessories by Santaville! Bring your Christmas town to life with villagers, snow-capped trees, festively coloured LED lights, and playful moving objects.

The Santaville collection is perfect for collectors on a budget.

Celebrate spring with these adorable HGW Easter decorations for your home and garden.

Make your Easter lunch one to remember with a beautifully laid table! HGW has designed an Easter collection especially for the mass market with the sweetest little lambs, bunnies, chickens, chicks, and eggs in uplifting colours. Hang them in your Easter tree, place them on the window sill, or use them to decorate your table.

Our spring wreaths and Easter bunting are real eye-catchers. Instant happy vibes to welcome spring!

Be amazed by Hobby Flora’s extensive range of hobby and craft products. Inspired by nature and designed with care, this line has been incredibly successful for many retailers over the years.

The most wonderful ideas come to life in more than 2,000 items in 15 products groups.

Our showroom

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