House of Nature is Hogewoning’s leading lifestyle brand. Stunning and high-quality home accessories inspired by nature for a competitive price.

The advantages of House of Nature:

Contemporary design

Our top stylists closely monitor trends in the Netherlands and abroad and put together a distinctive and well-received collection twice a year.

Inspired by Nature

Nature is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for us. House of Nature outdoes itself with each new collection.

Contemporary design

House of Nature is Hogewoning’s leading lifestyle brand. Our Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter collections can be found at wholesalers, garden centres, and large and medium-sized retailers.

House of Nature is known for its premium quality. Our furniture and home accessories are regularly featured on social media and in lifestyle magazines.

Inspired by Nature 

The items in the House of Nature range help you express your personality and style. Inspiring basics and luxury eye-catchers complement each other in the different styles. Each one as beautiful as the next, the items incorporate mostly natural materials and create a warmth and ambience in your design.

Our lifestyle brand House of Nature sets the bar high when it comes to sustainability, service, and style. The only exception? Prices!

With its own website, Instagram-account and a stunning brochure, House of Nature offers a total lifestyle concept.

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