The history of Hogewoning

Hogewoning is the industry leader in the design and distribution of decorative materials inspired by nature.
Our family history is almost a century old.

Dried flowers

Family-owned Hogewoning has a long history dating back to 1926. Willem Hogewoning, the grandfather of the current owner, was only 21 when he began growing flowers and later trading in dried flowers.

In the early years, he sold mainly through flower auctions. Later, Hogewoning expanded its range of dried flowers by importing flowers from other countries.  

Hogewoning geschiedenis_professioneel export-georiënteerd bedrijf
Hogewoning Atlanta, 1986.
Geschiedenis Hogewoning_professioneel export-georiënteerd bedrijf
Production in India, 1994.

Global market

In the 1970s, Hogewoning developed into a professional export-oriented company. Having emerged as a player on the global market, a period of unprecedented growth followed.

Hogewoning achieved great success well into  the late 1990s selling dried flowers.


But trends in home accessories were changing. Dry flowers went out of fashion. Hogewoning found the answer in large-scale imports of decorative materials.

What remained was the main source of inspiration: nature. Once it’s in your DNA, it’s impossible to ignore.

Geschiedenis Hogewoning_Import
Dried fruit, an idea by Hogewoning USA
Potpourri for Ikea, 1998.
Geschiedenis Hogewoning_Brands
Design meeting, 2020.
professioneel export-georiënteerd bedrijf
Hogewoning geschiedenis_Home deco groothandel
Style in every house with our home accessories

The 'Hogewoning-touch'

Today, Hogewoning is thriving as never before. Our team of passionate young people closely follows trends and ensures that our products are in line with what consumers want. Our customers appreciate the special ‘Hogewoning touch’ that gives each product its own unique character.

Our home accessories and natural decorative items inject style to every home. We conceive, design and arrange production and delivery.

We are a full-fledged sparring partner for our enthusiastic customers: wholesalers and retailers such as department stores, gift shops and garden centers around the world.

‘Can't’ isn't in our vocabulary

Our clients can choose from a carefully curated collection of home accessories. We carry a wide range of brands, each with their own unique look but all of exceptional quality at competitive prices.

We work hard to curate these collections and continually adapt our brands to reflect the latest trends, the latest fashions, and the specific wishes of our customers. Have a product custom designed? White-labeling? A consumer website with inspiration and styling tips? We’ll arrange it. Because ‘can’t’ isn’t in our vocabulary.

Hogewoning Christmas fair
Hogewoning geschiedenis_trends
Hogewoning geschieden_collectie
We present our latest collections at trade fairs in the Netherlands and abroad.
Hogewoning geschiedenis
Hogewoning geschiedenis

Bright future

This has helped make Hogewoning the market leader in both design and distribution. We are doing well, even through global turbulent times.

Almost a century after Willem Hogewoning sold his first dried flowers, we continue to grow daily. We take good care of our colleagues, our customers and our planet. Sustainability is at the heart of our business. We look ahead to a wonderful future.  

Willem Hogewoning, grandfather of the current owner, started his dry flower business in 1926 at the age of 21. In the beginning, he sold mainly through flower auctions. He later expanded his range of dried flowers by importing flowers from other countries.

In the 1970s, Hogewoning developed into a professional export-oriented company. A period of unprecedented growth followed with a global market. Today, Hogewoning is also an important importer of very diverse products from around the world.

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