Hogewoning welcomes new CEO

On 14 May, Tromp Hogewoning is handing over the reins to Hogewoning’s new CEO Michiel van der Meer. After a rich history since 1926, in which the company evolved from flower grower to a leading importer in home accessories, it is time for a new phase.

‘After years of hard work, beautiful moments
and meeting inspiring people, it is time
for me to free up more time for my family and the people around me.’

-Tromp Hogewoning

Michiel van der Meer has extensive experience as a purchasing director and executive in international retail. ‘I received a very warm welcome, which suits a family business. People are driven and work hard, but with a personal approach: that suits me.’

Family business

Hogewoning is a true family business, it’s in its DNA. As an importer in home accessories, creativity, sustainability and customer focus are at the heart of devising and designing innovative and affordable collections. Each product carries the special ‘Hogewoning touch’, giving it its own character.


Sustainability remains a key focus for Hogewoning and its customers. By looking critically at materials, production processes and working conditions, the company aims to reduce its carbon footprint and ensure environmental awareness in all business processes. Various labels, recycled and certified cardboard and paper are used.

‘Communicating openly and being transparent about the decisions to be made, that typifies my leadership style.’

The future

A long-term vision and strategy that suits the Hogewoning family business is where Van der Meer sees opportunities. ‘With the right focus and good balance between product development, commerce and sustainability, we can unburden and serve our current customers even better. Therefore, I think it is important to bring a good balance in the different departments. I give people space and start with a positive approach. Communicating openly and being transparent about the decisions to be made, that typifies my leadership style.’

Tromp Hogewoning remains associated with the company in an advisory role and as Creative Director. Together with Michiel van der Meer and the entire team, he looks forward to a successful future for Hogewoning.

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